Florida’s Supreme Court forbade two personal injury lawyers from using a pit bull with a spiked collar to advertise their services because “there is no way to measure whether the attorneys in fact conduct themselves like pit bulls.”
According to the ruling:

In this case we impose discipline on two attorneys for their use of television advertising devices that violate the Rules of Professional Conduct. These devices, which invoke the breed of dog known as the pit bull, demean all lawyers and thereby harm both the legal profession and the public’s trust and confidence in our system of justice.

[via A Clear Eye]

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  1. Greg Zirkle says:

    A more appropriate logo for personal injury attorneys would be a steaming pile of doggy-doo. Demeaning? No, just accurate.

  2. What a stupid precedent. I see many lawyers who use old fashioned crests and heralidic imagery. Does that imply they are kings, princes or somehow royal – I think not.
    This is another example of what our legal system does best: Look it out for itself. Maybe our profession should take a clue from those shisters.