$10,000 A Seance

I like a good instigator who can clown.
It appears that geogeller, a.k.a. “Insultant for Hire” is such a man. He’s personal Insultant to @JeffPulver, a humanitarian and recovering artist who lists his rate as “$10,000 a seance.” Not wanting to price himself out of the market, he does allow for a sliding scale.
The Insultant says, “a Consultant gets paid and tells you what you want to hear (whereas) an Insultant doesn’t get paid and tells you the truth!” That’s pretty good thinking in my estimation, even though it fails to justify with his published rate.
He also wisely offers a free sample of his work. The Insultant says “social media is another form of social sculpture much like the flapping of bees wings (that) can change the direction of a storm and can also create a storm.” I like that. Painting a picture with butterflies (or bees, in the case) is always good.

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